What is CrossFit?

It’s a workout based on constantly-varied and high intensity movements that help everyday life.  CrossFit works because your body never adapts to any one movement thereby maximizing the effect of any given day’s workout – and you never get bored.  The intensity of the group-style workouts strengthens our supportive community. CrossFit is built for all fitness levels and scaleable to anyone’s needs.

Do I need to be a “serious athlete” to do CrossFit? What if I am not in shape?

Every program we have is scalable to each individual’s fitness level. Whether you’re a serious athlete or working out for the first time, CrossFit Live Oak is for you. You just have to get started! Everyone starts at a different places in their fitness journey. We will work with you every step of your fitness journey to help you achieve your fitness goals.

If I have an injury, can I still come in and workout with scaled movements?

This depends on the degree of the injury. If the injury is severe and a medical professional has advised you to take some time off to recover, we recommend you follow this advice. If the injury is minor, we are usually able to modify the workout for you to train around your injury and still ensure a speedy recovery.

What should I expect in my first workout session?

You should expect a welcoming community. You should also be ready to sweat!  Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early so we are able to get you set-up in our system and get to know you prior to class. We start every class with a quality warm up to ensure that the body is activated and mobile. We will review and educate everyone on all the movements and techniques needed for the workout. Then, we have fun!

Do I have to train every day in CrossFit?

No. We encourage you to train intensely, but we also recommend that you rest periodically to recover. The body needs rest, and rest is vital to keeping you healthy and necessary for improvement. Over-training is something we discourage because it does not help you achieve your fitness goals and increases the risk of injury.  We recommend either a 3 days on, 1 day off approach, but we find that a 5 days on, 2 days off works better with most people’s schedules.

I am visiting from out-of-town, what is your drop-in policy?

Members of out-of-town CrossFit affiliates are always welcome to drop-in to any of our normally scheduled classes for $25 per visit! If you are staying in town a little bit longer, we offer a week pass for $75.

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